The Founder

Raphael Duerinck studied chemistry and engineering processes at the University of Montpellier in France, in addition to pursuing studies in dermatology and biochemistry. Following his tenure with prestigious pharmaceutical companies, Raphael was inspired to establish his own skincare company. He embarked on this journey with unwavering passion and creativity. The Fusion Meso brand is wholly dedicated to the development of aesthetic medicine products, including sterile cosmetics.
HB aesthetics group was born out of a passion to strive for better skin health and products delivering results. Raphael arrived in the skincare industry with a strong background in aesthetic medicine and his goal was challenging the traditional skincare market. His idea, unique at the time, was to create skincare inspired by aesthetic medicine treatments & active ingredients. Backdrop with his experience in biochemistry he created results-driven products & professional treatments with proven science. Aimed at all skin types to maintain them healthy and youthfull, his mission is to deliver only the best to professionals. There is no reason to choose other products than the best. Fusion Meso seeks to create home & professional beauty protocols to deliver healthy skin condition. Products are based on active ingredients sourced from aesthetic medicine and injectable products. Raphael has more than 20 years experience developing professional-grade skin care products. Today, he is still heavily involved in product development and his strong values still run through everything Fusion Meso does which has resulted in a world renowned skincare brand which challenges the norm.

Research & Development

We have a unique team consisting of chemists, pharmacists, and doctors who are dedicated to creating and testing new formulations annually. We consistently strive to identify and evaluate potent, cutting-edge active ingredients and explore ways to integrate them into our formulations.

We are always up-dated of what is new in the industry. This is why Fusion Meso products are the most effective. As an example the revolutionary development of the transdermal PPC for the treatment of cellulite and localized fat deposits without injection, the stabilized pure retinol 1% or staibilized vitamin C 5%. Natalia, who studied pharmacy at the University of Barcelona and is HB AESTHETICS technical director. She joined the group 8 years ago as a product formulator and is now leading the R&D department. During her career in personal care, Natalia has developed many unique formulations. She is an industry expert in emulsion technologies and also the person behind many technologies.
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Fusion Meso offers a robust online educational program and an extensive network of learning centers. Just like our products, our educational courses are designed to ensure a consistent Fusion Meso experience worldwide. Our brand is primarily available through professionals, which necessitates that all users of our products possess a comprehensive understanding. This ensures that customers receive the best possible experience tailored to their specific skin conditions.

We have a team dedicated to education, support and that run training events in our educational Centre near Barcelona. We also travel around the world to train professionals on Fusion Meso products and protocols. Our education manager works within the aesthetic medicine industry for over 8 years. Throughout her experience in the industry with many technical skin care brands; she successfully treated clients, developed training programmes as well as educational strategies worldwide. She aims to empower and inspire professionals to reach their maximum potential through imparting her knowledge and experiences.

Operations & Manufacturing

Every product developed by our teams must be manufactured on a relatively large scale. The challenge with our intricate formulations lies in consistently producing the ‘perfect batch’ and continuously enhancing our existing formulations. This commitment to quality is why we are GMP and ISO 9001 certified

Using external audits, we continually monitor the quality of our services and processes to refine every step. The result is the highest quality; made by people who are passionate about effective and performing products.

Meet Pere, our Master Blender. He’s been working with the company since the early begining from blending few kilos of product, to managing machines that blend 2.000 kg of product in one day.

All the products are manufactured in our own facilities in SPAIN. We use the best practice and equipments for the production of Fusion Meso skin care. We also manage our logistics to ensure a high level of service, from start to finish for every orders. As a European company, we comply with European manufacturing standards and GMP regulations so you can be confident in the consistent quality you will find in each and every product.

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Customer Service

We are dedicated to ensuring complete customer satisfaction. Our top priority is to provide exceptional service, a streamlined ordering process, and swift delivery. We are committed to personally attending to the needs of each and every customer.

We have a great Customer Service Team, comprising of Yolanda and Pau. They attend our customers in 5 different languages from all over the world.