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Fusion Meso distinguishes itself by combining technology, innovation, quality, and comprehensive education and support. Our commitment is to empower professionals to deliver exceptional skincare and aesthetic solutions, upholding a standard of excellence for the well-being of their clients.


Our comprehensive product line encompasses a broad selection of sterile vials suitable for various areas and indications. Our skincare is formulated to support the skin both before and after procedures.


It can also be used to support the skin following other aesthetic procedures, such as laser treatments, Botox, dermaplaning, dermal fillers, and more.

HB aesthetics Group was established with a focus on advancing skin health and offering effective skincare solutions.


Founded in 2004 by a chemist, his aim is to introduce skincare products inspired by aesthetic medicine treatments, using the same ingredients. Drawing upon expertise in biochemistry, scientifically grounded products and professional treatments are developed every year to address various skin concerns, with an emphasis to be a real alternative to surgery or invasive procedures. The mission has always been to provide professionals with high-quality products, making alternative choices unnecessary.


Through research and observations, we’ve recognized the critical role of fibroblast activity in maintaining youthful and healthy skin. Fibroblasts within the dermis serve as the primary source of proteins responsible for skin suppleness, elasticity, and firmness.


Mesotherapy, a well-established technique in aesthetic medicine, stimulates the mesoderm and fibroblasts to enhance or repair skin functions through superficial micro-injections of solutions rich in active ingredients.


Over the past decade, meso-needling has gained popularity for its safety and efficacy compared to traditional mesotherapy. It offers accessibility for both medical and beauty professionals.


To prioritize safety and optimal results for your clients, selecting the highest quality devices and products is essential. Fusion Meso emerges as a reliable option, with thousands of professionals worldwide trained to provide exceptional treatments. These professionals, across more than 65 countries, take pride in sharing their patients’ positive outcomes.


  • Top-tier sterile products that deliver exceptional results.
  • A trusted brand with more than 15 years in the market.
  • Continuous innovations to expand your treatment offerings.
  • Join more than 14.000 professionals worldwide
  • The highest quality featuring pharmaceutical-grade ingredients.
  • A wide selection to cater to the unique needs of every client.
  • Safe products and practices for dermatologists and professionals.
  • Access to marketing materials and support.
  • Boost your revenue with competitive pricing and favorable terms.


Our micro-needling device stands out as one of the few certified as a Class IIb medical device. In Europe, the use of a medically certified device is mandatory to ensure the utmost safety for customers and to prevent cross-contamination. Our device has obtained TGA approval in Australia, and FDA approval in the United States is currently pending.

Crafted in Italy, the Pen Platinum by FUSION MESO stands as an exclusive medical device CE class IIB, boasting wireless functionality for Medical Meso-needling and Nano needling. Its array of cartridges and protocols makes it an invaluable tool for a multitude of treatments, ranging from skin toning to anti-cellulite treatments.


The handpiece, solely manufactured in Italy and Europe, surpasses global standards.


PD/DS® Patent, Performance Deep/Double System, on the calibration of needle depth, achieved globally, approved in America, and the ONLY one in Europe. This allowed them, given the precision of the needle penetration depth, to market their technology in oncological hospitals for the reconstructive tattooing of the areola, even in the presence of silicone prosthetics and after cycles of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.


Specialist in “Medical Needling”, with years of medical procedures behind, the technology today ensure, in addition to results, precision, accuracy, and total safety even in the presence of very thin and delicate skins.


Pen Platinum BY FUSION MESO, the only handpiece for NEEDLING made in Italy and manufactured in Europe. It is THE ONLY DEVICE IN THE WORLD CERTIFIED CE 93/42 of CLASS IIB, surpassing the strictest certification standards of Class II. 

Operations & Manufacturing

Every product developed by our teams must be manufactured on a relatively large scale. The challenge with our intricate formulations lies in consistently producing the ‘perfect batch’ and continuously enhancing our existing formulations. This commitment to quality is why we are GMP and ISO 9001 certified

Using external audits, we continually monitor the quality of our services and processes to refine every step. The result is the highest quality; made by people who are passionate about effective and performing products.


All the products are manufactured in our own facilities in SPAIN. We use the best practice and equipments for the production of Fusion Meso vials. We also manage our logistics to ensure a high level of service, from start to finish for every orders. As a European company, we comply with European manufacturing standards and GMP regulations so you can be confident in the consistent quality you will find in each and every product.

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We are dedicated to ensuring complete professional education. Our top priority is to provide exceptional knowledges with premium supports and courses. We are committed to personally attending to the needs of each and every customer.

We offer extensive courses at our facilities in Spain, online, or through our certified distributors.


We provide comprehensive knowledge on how to perform treatments, the ingredients we use, and the formulation of our products with complete transparency.



Exploring the professional area, you’ll encounter a range of products and protocols meticulously crafted by Fusion Meso for the exclusive use of medical and aesthetic practitioners.