Distributors and Fusion Meso

We have been experiencing remarkable growth since our inception. Fusion Meso is currently distributed in over 60 countries worldwide, but there are still some business opportunities available for the right distributors. With exceptional skincare products, an ever-expanding product pipeline, and regular participation in exhibitions worldwide, we are eager to connect and collaborate with forward-thinking, dynamic, and innovative professional skincare distributors to further enhance the Fusion Meso skincare journey.


We are ISO 9001 certified and committed to assisting you throughout the product registration process in your country. Our products can be registered in any country worldwide, as we have meticulously selected ingredients to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations.



We regularly host distributor meetings in Spain and in Dubai, bringing together our network of distributors from around the world. During these meetings, we discuss best practices, provide updates on new products, and share our vision for advancing our mutual businesses. We also enjoy fantastic dinner events and entertainment. Distributors eagerly anticipate each meeting, where we provide all the keys to success.

On average, our distributors’ sales have been growing by over 25% annually, ensuring them a solid and long-term partnership with us.

Meeting with us

We are consistently available for webinars and online meetings, offering the flexibility to connect with your teams at your convenience. Our founder, Raphael Duerinck, places great importance on visiting all of our valued business partners and their VIP customers. He willingly participates in customer events and takes an active role in exhibitions, sharing his passion and philosophy.

Our CEO is deeply engaged in understanding the unique aspects of each market and is always attentive to customer needs, which informs the development of new products and treatments.

Providing robust manufacturer support is of utmost importance to us, as it allows our distributors to focus on serving their customers effectively. Our in-house design team meticulously prepares all training and communication materials for them. By partnering with Fusion Meso, you gain access to comprehensive support in terms of education, marketing materials, imagery, digital marketing, promotions, and personalized sales analysis.


selling on-line?

We firmly believe that the sale of our products should be entrusted to experienced and well-trained professionals. Our goal is to ensure that every end-user enjoys the best product experience, and we believe that professionals are the most qualified individuals to recommend the right products for various skin types, both for salon and home use.

Our distributors play a crucial role in adding value to the chain. This enables us to fully commit ourselves to the continuous creation of new products. We hold the belief that entrusting great brands to the hands of experts and seasoned distributors is the key to success.