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Skin care


30 ml / 1.0 fl.oz
VITAMIN C 5.0 – A Highly Concentrated Serum with Stable Vitamin C. A stable form of vitamin C enriches this exclusive formula, which is specially designed to target photo-aging and combat free radical damage. After just a few days of application, the skin tone appears more even and radiant. The scent originates from natural orange peel essential oil. The groundbreaking innovation in this product centers around a new, highly concentrated form of vitamin C. Unlike typical VITAMIN C products, our special formulation maintains its stability over time, consequently avoiding the tacky residue often experienced with other products. In addition, XS hyaluronic acid is infused to boost skin hydration substantially, seamlessly integrating with VITAMIN C.

Et-Vitamin C

Et-Vitamin C is a multifunctional vitamin C derivative with exceptional:
  • whitening
  • antioxidation
  • free radical-scavenging
  • collagen-boosting effects.
Its stability surpasses that of other ascorbic acid derivatives. It exhibits a potent inhibitory effect on melanogenesis, reducing dark spots and age spots. Moreover, it actively combats photo-aging not only by interfering with inflammatory cytokines but also by reversing ROS production, which in turn, effectively scavenges free radicals.

XS hyaluronic acid

Derived from a Biotechnologically safe process, XS Hyaluronic acid has an Exceptionally low Molecular weight. It enhances skin Permeation, Improving Viscoelastic properties and reducing deep Wrinkles.
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