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Skin care


30 ml / 1.0 fl.oz
RETINOL 1.0 Highly Concentrated Serum: Our unique formula specifically targets Wrinkles and Photo-aging. Skin looks younger within days, Showcasing Fewer wrinkles and more uniform tone. A fresh, Invigorating citrus blend Complements this product’s scent. The Breakthrough is our Stabilization of pure retinol, mixing it with select oils and antioxidants. Pure retinol often loses its effectiveness in skincare products over a short period due to oxidation caused by light, dissolved oxygen in the product, and storage temperature fluctuations. Many brands resort to using retinol derivatives, which exhibit significantly lower efficiency.

Our unique blend of oils effectively:

  • Shields retinol from oxidation
  • Preserving over 80% of active retinol even after 12 months of storage.

Manufacturing process

During the manufacturing process, all oxygen is removed from the product through a vacuum process, and the product is then sealed in airless bottles. Additionally, the formulation includes a transdermal booster to enhance retinol penetration into the deepest layers of the epidermis.
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