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Pen platinum CE1370

Micro-needling pen CE and FDA

Crafted in Italy, the Pen Platinum by FUSION MESO stands as an exclusive medical device CE class IIB and FDA Approved, Boasting Wireless functionality for Medical Micro-needling and Nano Needling. Its array of cartridges and protocols makes it an Invaluable tool for a Multitude of treatments, ranging from skin toning to Anti-cellulite treatments. Produced by an Italian pioneer in medical equipment for over two decades, that has distinguished itself in “Medical Micro-Needling”. Our Micro-needling pen technologies Amalgamate precision with safety. Additionally, the Micro-needling pen CE and FDA approved handpiece, exclusively produced in Italy and across Europe, not only meets but also exceeds international quality standards.

Pen Platinum BY FUSION MESO, the only micro-needling pen made in Italy and manufactured in Europe.

  • It is THE ONLY DEVICE IN THE WORLD CERTIFIED CE 93/42 of CLASS IIB and FDA approved, surpassing the strictest certification standards of Class II.
  • The Medical CE 1370 Certification is valid for treatments of: NEEDLING/MICROPRICKING, and CORRECTIVE DERMOPIGMENTATION.
  • EUROPEAN CE PATENT PD/DS, Performance Deep/Double System (awaiting FDA Patent).
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