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50 ml / 1.7 fl.oz
This refreshing cream is formulated with XS hyaluronic acid to provide maximum skin hydration. The texture is truly surprising; upon application, it feels extremely refreshing and light. However, it leaves behind a protective and nourishing film on the skin’s surface for extended hours. This film prevents transepidermal water loss, ensuring enduring comfort and high levels of hydration.

XS hyaluronic acid, with its very low molecular weight, acts as a connective tissue organizer and a water-retaining substance. The sodium hyaluronate used in this product is derived from a safe biotechnological process, free from contaminants and GMOs. It represents an innovation in anti-aging skincare due to its enhanced permeation through the skin compared to high molecular weight hyaluronic acid. This rejuvenates the skin by improving its viscoelastic properties and significantly reducing the appearance of deep wrinkles.

Our exclusive water-drop formulation rapidly diminishes fine lines and plumps up the skin. Specifically designed for all skin types, these hyaluronic drops are incredibly effective moisturizers. The product exudes a fresh scent with notes of green leaves, grass, and fruits.
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