5 vials of 10 ml
F-SLIM LIFT formula is an advanced skin booster enriched with over 65 active ingredients. It is built upon the foundation of our renowned F-XFC formula, with the addition of caffeine and hyaluronic acid. The primary objective of this product is to supply skin cells while simultaneously addressing and reducing the appearance of facial fat deposits in a safe manner. This exclusive blend encompasses all the essential nutrients and molecules integral to the Krebs cycle, which play a vital role in energy production (ATP) and boosting overall skin functions. Notably, the epidermis lacks blood vessels, relying solely on passive diffusion of plasma from the dermis to nourish its cells. However, with aging, the skin often experiences a deficiency of nutrients and oxygen due to a less efficient circulatory system. The addition of caffeine in the formula serves to stimulate adipocytes, encouraging them to release their fat content. This action contributes to a slimmer appearance of the face, all within the realm of safety and efficacy. Contact us for official distributors informations.
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