5 vials of 10 ml
F-MELACLEAR is a remarkable treatment designed specifically for addressing dark spots on the skin. This product is formulated for use on very localized facial areas, targeting specific areas of concern. The key component of this formula is tranexamic acid, which plays a crucial role in reducing pigmentation and achieving a more even skin tone.

Tranexamic acid works in the skin by inhibiting UV-induced plasmin activity in keratinocytes. It does so by preventing the binding of plasminogen to keratinocytes, leading to a reduction in melanocyte tyrosinase activity. This inhibition ultimately contributes to the lightening of dark spots and pigmentation. Importantly, tranexamic acid is suitable for all skin types.

To enhance the effectiveness of tranexamic acid, F-MELACLEAR combines it with other safe and effective skin lightening ingredients, including resorcinol, glutathione, niacinamide, and arbutin. These ingredients work together to further reduce pigmentation, whiten the skin, and minimize the appearance of spots.

For optimal and long-lasting results, it is recommended to use F-MELACLEAR in conjunction with Meso-shield 50, which provides protection from UV damage and helps maintain the achieved skin improvements.

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