5 vials of 5 ml
  Introducing F-LIFT+ FACE sterile serum vials, the ultimate Non-surgical Facelift product that Harnesses a powerful synergy of active ingredients to target various aspects of skin Enhancement and combat sagging. This Groundbreaking formula is Enriched with a high concentration of four Biomimetic peptides and three essential growth factors—Fibroblast GF, Epidermal GF, and Thioredoxin GF—which Collectively offer a comprehensive approach to skin Rejuvenation: -These peptides and growth factors work together to Stimulate cells, Unvigorating the skin. -The formulation provides protection against free radicals, helping to safeguard the skin from environmental damage. – Reducing redness: It has anti-redness properties, which can help soothe and calm the skin. – Controlling Pigmentation: The product assists in controlling pigmentation issues, promoting a more even skin tone. -Significant Skin Firming: Regular use of this product can firm skin significantly. Users noted a 50% reduction in wrinkles after three sessions. Additionally, Carcinine, a peptidic compound, crucially defends skin’s collagen against UV radiation, free radicals, and stress. It also supports the metabolic activities of exposed cells through its anti-oxidative, anti-stress, anti-glycation, and metabolism-stimulating properties. Furthermore, Hexapeptide-10, another active ingredient in F-LIFT+ FACE sterile serum vials, specifically targets firming. It enhances cellular activity in both keratinocytes and fibroblasts. It increases the synthesis of essential components like laminin-5, 6-integrin, and hemidesmosomes, thereby reinforcing the dermo-epidermal junction. Over time, the adhesion between epidermal and dermal cells weakens, contributing to the loss of skin elasticity. Hexapeptide-10 helps address this issue. F-LIFT+ FACE sterile serum vials feature Hyaluronic acid with a Molecular weight of 500k Daltons that not only provides intense skin volume and Moisture. But also Stimulates Collagen synthesis, ultimately leading to a firmer and more Rejuvenated facial Complexion. This aids in the Regeneration of the dermal structure and enhances skin Elasticity. Contact us for official distributors informations.
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