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5 vials of 5 ml
This product is specifically designed to address skin dryness and loss of volume. Acetyl hexapeptide-37 plays a key role in improving skin hydration by enhancing the expression of aquaporin 3 (AQP3). AQP3 is a membrane protein responsible for facilitating the transport of water through various tissue layers. Increasing the concentration of these proteins results in improved water flux from the basal layer of the epidermis to the stratum corneum.

The effectiveness of this selective pore-forming protein has been demonstrated in various in vivo studies, where Acetyl hexapeptide-37 was shown to enhance skin hydration by a remarkable 131%.

In addition to Acetyl hexapeptide-37, this product also contains hyaluronic acid and sodium lactate, both of which contribute to its hydrating properties. Hyaluronic acid is well-known for its ability to bind water, helping to keep the skin hydrated. Sodium lactate, on the other hand, not only aids in retaining moisture but also promotes skin renewal, reducing transepidermal water loss. This combination of ingredients ensures that the skin remains well-hydrated and refreshed, making it a valuable addition to any skincare routine.

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