5 ml / 0.17 fl.oz
Alopecia is a common problem affecting both men and women. The most common one is androgenic alopecia which represent 95% of the cases. Hair are composed of 2 structures: hair shaft and hair follicle. At the base of the follicle is the dermal papilla & ECM. As papilla & ECM new cells grow, they push the previous cells upwards to form the hair. The dermal papilla plays a crucial role in the dermal-epidermal interactions and is of great importance for the hair formation and growth cycle. F-HAIR MEN treats effectively alopecia with a blend of peptides, growth factors, organic silicium, panthenol and hyaluronic acid. It preserves hair follicle stem cell (HFSC) activity, modulates DHT via 5-alpha-reductase activity inhibition, stimulates ECM renewal, anchoring proteins synthesis and decreases pro-inflammatory cytokines. The acetyl tetrapeptide-3 is a highly innovative active combining a patented four amino acids biomimetic peptide with a red clover extract rich in Biochanin A. Their efficacy is based on the combined action of its two ingredients, allowing direct action on DHT preventing the hair cycle to shorten and hair follicle miniaturization, improving the ECM proteins in dermal papilla surrounding hair bulb for better anchoring in the scalp. They also prevents inflammation which is a contributing factor in hair loss.