5 vials of 10 ml

Discover F-HA GLOW

Discover F-HA GLOW, our innovative solution for Pigmentation that utilizes a blend of Hyaluronic Acid, Acetyl Glycyl Beta-Alanine Peptide, Niacinamide, Tranexamic Acid, and Thioredoxin Growth Factor. This formula is crafted to enhance your skin’s Luminosity and promote a fresh, Youthful glow.
  1. Hyaluronic acid Hydrates and plumps the skin by Retaining water molecules, resulting in a smoother and firmer Complexion.
  2. Acetyl glycyl Beta-alanine patented peptide that Pocesses fast dermal Penetration feature. At low concentration, it can bring about outstanding performances in Lightening skin, reducing dark spot, Improving skin clarity, evening out skin tone, and Preventing pigmentation.
  3. Niacinamide helps to even out skin tone, fade dark spots, and minimize the appearance of pores.

Tranexamic acid works

Tranexamic acid works by Inhibiting the production of melanin, the pigment responsible for skin color. By reducing melanin Synthesis, it helps fade existing dark spots and prevents the formation of new ones. It may help also to reduce the redness in skin condition like melasma by Minimizing blood vessel leakage. Thioredoxin plays a cytoprotective role and has a radical-scavenging activity to prevent photo-ageing and pigmentation. Diminish efficiently the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Hydrates and re-fill facial volumes. Even skin tone with Acetyl glycyl beta-alanine, Niacinamide and Tranexamic acid by fading dark spots and pigmentation. Repair and protect the skin against free radicals to prevent photo-ageing. Contact us for official distributors informations.
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