Skin care


30 ml / 1.0 fl.oz
Highly concentrated serum with pure retinol. This exclusive formula targets wrinkles and photo-ageing. After few days of application the skin looks younger with less wrinkles and a unified skin tone. The scent is fresh and energizing, composed of a mixture of citrus fruits. The innovation in this product is how we stabilize the pure form of retinol into a specific blend of oils and anti-oxidants. In general the pure form of retinol looses its properties in skincare after a short period of time due to oxidation caused by light, dissolved oxygen in the product and storage temperature. Most brands are using derivatives of retinol which show very poor efficiency. Our specific blend of oils protects the retinol from oxidation and preserve more than 80% of active retinol, even after 12 months storage. During the manufacturing process all the oxygen is removed from the product by a vacuum process and the product is filled into airless bottles. The formulation also incorporates a transdermal booster to increase the penetration of retinol in the deepest layers of the epidermis. Retinol (Vitamin A) efficacy has been demonstrated in numerous scientific studies, confirming its broad range of action across all major skin care applications including reduction of pigment spots and wrinkles as well as improvement of skin elasticity and smoothness. Retinol improves cell renewal, reduces collagen degradation and normalizes keratinization. It regenerates skin and provides a smooth, firm and radiant look. Dermatologists and other experts have been relying for decades on the many positive effects which Vitamin A has in cosmetic products.