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Nano-needling is an emerging Non-invasive procedure Involving controlled and Superficial Nano-puncturing of the skin using Nano-needles. Nano-needling is a variant of Meso-needling that involves minimal pain and no bleeding. The “nano pen” performs shallower needling, yet it creates numerous punctures, offering a distinct approach.

The difference between nano-needling and meso-needling

One can compare nano-needling to meso-needling, noting two main differences:
  • The needle length is shorter (nano needles).
  • The nano pen produces more punctures because it contains a higher number of needles.
  • Practitioners apply the product directly through the nano pen’s needle cartridge.
We utilize the Nano Pen Equipped with nano Cartridges. These Cartridges feature medical-grade stainless steel needles arranged in a disk shape. Each disk comprises 137 needles, each with a length of 0.05 mm. The complete Thickness of the Epidermis is approximately 0.15 mm, with the stratum corneum Measuring about 0.015 mm.

Nano-needles permits

Employing Nano-needles permits the delivery of products to the middle of the Epidermis, offering intense Hdration and Addressing concerns like pigmentation and various other indications. By Lmiting the depth, it becomes possible to avoid bleeding, pain, and potential side effects such as infections or nerve damage.
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