Distributors and Fusion Meso

We are experiencing phenomenal growth since our beginning. Fusion Meso is currently distributed in over 60 countries globally, but some business opportunities are still available for the right distributors. With great skincare, an ever-growing product pipeline and constant exhibitions all over the world, we are happy to meet and work with smart-thinking, fast-moving, innovative professional skincare distributors to grow the story of Fusion Meso skincare.


We are ISO certified and committed to help you during the registration process of the products in your country. Our products can be registered in any country in the world, we have carefully selected ingredients to follow all specific regulations.


We host regular distributor meetings in Spain, where our network of distributors from all over the world join us to discuss best practice, get updates on new products and understand our vision for driving our mutual businesses forward. We enjoy amazing dinner events and entertainment. Distributors look forward to each meeting where we give you all the keys of success. Every year our distributors sales are growing in average +50% granting them a solid and long-term business with us.

Meeting with us

Always available for webinars and on-line meetings, we are able to meet with your teams regardless of time. Our founder, Raphael Duerinck, makes a point of visiting all business partners and their VIP customers. He gladly speaks at customer events and take part in exhibitions to transmit his passion and philosophy. He truly gets involve in what makes each market special and is always listening to customers needs to develop new products and treatments.
Manufacturer support is paramount to ensure distributors can focus on their customers. We prepare for them all the training and communication materials with our in-house design team. With Fusion Meso team you benefit a strong support in terms of education, marketing materials, images, digital marketing, promotions and personalised sales analysis.


Why we are not directly selling on-line?

We believe that our products sales must be true experienced and trained professionals. We wish each end-user to have the best product experience and we believe professionals are the best persons to recommend the right product for each skin type for cabin and home use. Distributors create value in the chain. This allows us to dedicate ourself at 100% on creating new products. We believe the key to great brands is to leave it in hands of experts and experimented distributors.